Let Me Demonstrate

Let Me Demonstrate
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     challenging words:    demonstrative, it-you, non-verbal, lengthwise, vague, crease, hearing, better, insert, presentation, teaching, communication, review, clarify, inject, listeners

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Let Me Demonstrate
By Beth Beutler

1     Insert flap A into slot B. Fold on the marked crease. There you have it—you have assembled a box!
2     Now, wait a minute. Those instructions were not very clear. Can you imagine hearing a speech about how to assemble a box with only those vague instructions?
3     To give a presentation that shows how to do something, including the steps to accomplishing it, you would be doing what is called a "demonstrative" speech. To "demonstrate" something is to show clearly, explain, or illustrate. What you will want to do is to be sure the audience understands the steps to take to accomplish the goal. I am going to do the same thing here, with the following tips for preparing and delivering a demonstrative speech.
4     1. Determine your goal. Write down what you want the listeners to accomplish. Do you want them to be able to bake chocolate chip cookies? When you are finished, will they better understand how to make a paper airplane? Have a clear goal in mind for what the audience should learn.
5     2. Put yourself in the audience's place. As you prepare, imagine yourself as a member of the audience. You may know your topic very well, but pretend that you don't know anything about it. If you have never made a paper airplane, what simple steps must you learn in order to do so?

Paragraphs 6 to 12:
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