Grades 2-3 Social Studies Wendy's World Series
Wendy's World- Let's Make a Map

Wendy's World- Let's Make a Map
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     challenging words:    leftover, messy, onto, depend, length, large, wooden, cardboard, island, able, mountain, enough, mile, front, report, means

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Wendy's World- Let's Make a Map
By Jane Runyon

1     Wendy watched for Tim and Tess. She had invited them to her house. She had told them to bring art shirts to wear. She could hardly wait to get started. When she saw them coming onto the porch, she opened the door. "Hi," she said as they walked in.
2     "Hi, yourself," said Tess. "What is this big project we get to work on?"
3     "I brought my old shirt," said Tim. "Does that mean I can get dirty?"
4     "It might be kind of messy," answered Wendy, "but it will be fun."
5     "Let's get going then," said Tim. "I love a mess."
6     Wendy led her friends into the kitchen. On the wooden table was a large bowl. In the bowl something had already been mixed. It looked like pie dough.
7     "Oh, boy," exclaimed Tess, "we get to make a pie."
8     "Apple or cherry?" asked Tim.
9     "Neither," answered Wendy. "This is salt dough."
10     "Salt dough?" questioned Tess.
11     "Yes," said Wendy, "I have to give a book report in front of the class this week. My teacher said I could make something to show the class. She said it should be something to help the class know the story better."

Paragraphs 12 to 31:
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