Grades 2-3 Social Studies Wendy's World Series
A Report on the Miami Indians

A Report on the Miami Indians
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 2 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.9

     challenging words:    tepees, tribe, front, lived, oval, sounds, yard, soccer, chief, picked, several, along, report, means, another, librarian
     content words:    Miami Indians, Miss Gray, Miami Indian, Frances Slocum, Little Turtle

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A Report on the Miami Indians
By Jane Runyon

1     Wendy was playing in her front yard. She saw her friends Tess and Tim walk out their front door. "Hey," she yelled. "Do you want to play soccer?"
2     "We can't," Tim yelled back. "I have to write a report for school. We are going to the library. Would you like to come along?"
3     "Just let me tell my mom where I'm going," Wendy answered. "I'll be right back."
4     As they walked, Tim told Wendy, "I have to give a report in class. I have to tell them about the Miami Indians. I need to find out where they lived. I need to find out how they lived. I need to find out what kind of houses they had."
5     "That should be interesting," said Wendy.
6     "I told Tim that I would help him," said Tess. "It's always more fun when you work together."
7     "I'll help, too," added Wendy. "Three is better than two."
8     The children reached the library. They asked the librarian for help. Miss Gray showed the children several books about Indians. "This one should have everything you need," said Miss Gray.
9     The children looked at every page in the book. They wrote down the answers to their questions. They picked out the facts they wanted to use. This is the report Tim had when they were done.

Paragraphs 10 to 17:
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