Art on a Wall

Art on a Wall
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     challenging words:    might, fresco, plaster, pope, renaissance, artists, drawing, pyramid, ceiling, artist, painting, powder, become, wonder, also, part
     content words:    Sistine Chapel, Diego Rivera

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Art on a Wall
By Colleen Messina

1     You might not think that drawing on your bedroom wall is art. But art on a wall is a kind of art. It is a mural.
2     Murals have been around for a long time. Pictures of mammoths are on cave walls in France. They were made 30,000 years ago! Egyptians also painted murals. Their murals were on pyramid walls. The pyramid walls had happy scenes on them. They showed ladies playing flutes. They showed food. They also showed pictures of Osiris. He was their god of the dead. They thought that he would like the pictures.
3     Renaissance artists took colored powder and mixed it with water. Then, they painted on wet plaster. The painting became part of the wall. This kind of painting was called a fresco. A pope asked Michelangelo to paint a fresco. He painted Bible scenes. He painted the ceiling. It took him four years. It was a hard job. But the pictures were amazing. Many people visited his frescoes. They are in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Paragraphs 4 to 5:
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