The Art of Melting Clocks

The Art of Melting Clocks
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     challenging words:    clock, cheeseburger, clocks, moustache, thoughts, artists, mysterious, something, unique, mystery, study, artist, painting, dreams, strange, also
     content words:    Salvador Dali

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The Art of Melting Clocks
By Colleen Messina

1     A melting clock is something you would not see every day. Even in a painting, it would seem mysterious. One style of art was full of weird things like melting clocks. This style is called Surrealism.
2     Surrealist artists tried to show their thoughts. They tried to paint scenes from their dreams. They tried to show ideas from the deepest part of their minds. It was not unusual to see food with faces on it or telephones hanging from trees. One painting had a plate full of the parts of a cheeseburger. The slice of cheese had a face on it. This kind of art was unique. The parts of the paintings did not seem to fit together.
3     One famous Surrealist artist was Salvador Dali. He did the painting of the melting clocks. One clock was sliding over the edge of a table. He was an excellent artist. He used fine brush strokes and made the objects in his art seem real...except that they were strange.

Paragraphs 4 to 5:
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