Pretty Stained Glass

Pretty Stained Glass
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     challenging words:    probably, filings, lampshades, metallic, sparkly, artists, artwork, mysterious, holy, paste, artist, however, different, have, during, also
     content words:    Middle Ages, Louis Comfort Tiffany

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Pretty Stained Glass
By Colleen Messina

1     You have probably had lots of stains on your clothes. Grass stains. Jelly stains. Dirt stains. Your mom does her best to get rid of them. However, there is a fun kind of stain that she might want to keep. It is called stained glass.
2     Stained glass art is a picture created out of pieces of different colored glass. You may have seen stained glass windows in churches. Glass comes from sand. Artists add metals to the sand to make different colors of glass. During the Middle Ages, artists used lead to hold pieces of glass together.
3     The artists wanted to have colorful glass. They added substances called metallic oxides to the sand to create colors. They also figured out how to paint more details on their pictures. They made a paste out of ground up glass and iron filings. Then, they painted the glass with the paste. When the glass was fired to hot temperatures, the paste became part of the glass. This helped the artists paint many details in their pictures.

Paragraphs 4 to 5:
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