Ancient Rome
Rugged Roman Architecture

Rugged Roman Architecture
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     challenging words:    archaeologist, brickfield, entrances, gladiator, moon-shaped, rubble, incredible, minimum, circular, spectacular, archaeologists, rectangular, fortify, equipment, provided, mortar
     content words:    Roman Empire, Lucanus Domitii, Archaeologist Tiziano Gasperoni, Each Roman

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Rugged Roman Architecture
By Colleen Messina

1     Roman builders created some of the most rugged, incredible monuments in history. You might be surprised at how much modern architecture is possible because of the ancient Romans.
2     The Romans copied many things from the creative Greeks, but they also came up with their own good ideas. If a Roman architect popped into a time machine and visited the twenty-first century, he would recognize some of these ideas. He would feel proud of the Roman contribution to our world. If he stopped by a McDonald's to fortify himself with a burger, he might be happy to see those golden arches. He might smile and remember how much arches helped create some amazing Roman structures.
3     Arches solved an enormous building problem. The Romans were the first ancient architects to use arches in many kinds of buildings. They used wooden scaffolding to support their arches as they were being built. An arch can support a lot of weight. With arches, Roman architects built walls over doors or windows. They built high, strong walls with a minimum amount of stone. Arches made the aqueduct water system possible, which gave Romans water in their homes and public buildings.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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