Art Nouveau Painting and Other Art

Art Nouveau Painting and Other Art
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Art Nouveau Painting and Other Art
By Colleen Messina

1     If you don't like using rulers, you would make an excellent Art Nouveau artist. Art Nouveau has been nicknamed the noodle style of painting because of its curves and swirls. This movement influenced everything from lampshades to computer fonts.
2     This style lasted from the 1880s to around 1910 and affected all kinds of art. It affected painting, architecture, furniture, glassware, and even jewelry. The Art Nouveau artists wanted to break away from classical art. They wanted their art to express the patterns of nature, like the curves and swirls of leaves or the ripples of water. Even exotic birds, dragons, and insects were a part of this style, as well as flat, decorative patterns. Often, stems, leaves, and flowers were part of the designs of Art Nouveau.
3     Art Nouveau originally was the name of a shop in Paris, but later became an entire art movement. Translated from French the phase means "new art." This style has different names in different countries, though. It is also called Modern style or Liberty in England and Modernismo in Spain. In Austria, it is called Vienna Secession, and in Italy it was simply the floral style. Even with these different names, Art Nouveau artwork had similar elements.

Paragraphs 4 to 7:
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