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Laura Secord - The Paul Revere of Canada

Laura Secord - The Paul Revere of Canada
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     challenging words:    determined, remainder, upcoming, militia, successful, born, chief, economy, regain, lure, colonel, weak, attack, mission, action, during
     content words:    Laura Ingersoll Secord, United States, Upper Canada, James Secord, Queenston Heights, Colonel Boerstler, Lieutenant Fitzgibbon, Beaver Dams, Niagara Peninsula, Black Swamp

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Laura Secord - The Paul Revere of Canada
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Laura Ingersoll Secord was born in Massachusetts in 1775, but in her heart, she was all Canadian. The Ingersolls stayed in Massachusetts until 1795. A weak economy in the United States and the lure of cheap land in Upper Canada encouraged Laura's father to move.
2     Two years after moving north, Laura married James Secord. Between raising five children and running a successful shop, their lives were full.
3     Then in 1812, the Americans declared war on the British and attacked Upper Canada. In the fall of that year during the Battle of Queenston Heights, James was injured. With a shattered leg, he was still recuperating during the next spring when the Americans occupied that area of Niagara.
4     Most of the men were sent to the States as prisoners of war, but James was not. Instead, the Secords kept three American officers in their home.
5     On June 21, 1813, the officers were having a small dinner party at the Secord home. Colonel Boerstler and his officers began to discuss plans for an upcoming battle. He told them that the Americans would attack Lieutenant Fitzgibbon and the British at Beaver Dams, 32 kilometers away.

Paragraphs 6 to 14:
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