Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping
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     challenging words:    crucial, fatal, towers, wacky, successful, possibility, equipment, harness, manmade, molten, reverse, flips, mysterious, security, fans, pioneer
     content words:    Pentecost Island, South Pacific, Dangerous Sports Club, Golden Gate Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Jochen Schwizer, Even Leonardo DiCaprio

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Bungee Jumping
By Colleen Messina

1     Here is a sports riddle for you: what sport combines shooting a rubber band and jumping off of a high dive? It might sound like strrretching the point a little, but the weird and wild sport of bungee jumping is the answer. Bungee jumping is an extreme sport in many ways.
2     When someone is bungee jumping, the person has one end of an elastic cord attached to his or her body. The other end of the cord is anchored to the jumping point. The person jumps off of the platform. When the cord reaches its full length, it stretches and stretches and stretches until the person is hanging upside down. The jumper then bounces up and down until the cord loses all of its spring.
3     Who invented this crazy sport, and where did it get its name? The word "bungee" was first used in 1930. It means rubber eraser. No one knows when this strange sport began, but in the 1950s, a film crew visited the Pentecost Island in the South Pacific and found something odd. In honor of a yam harvest, the natives built mysterious wooden towers on the island. Apparently, the builders didn't use any nails or manmade building materials, yet the towers were 70 feet tall.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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