Extreme Ironing and Other Household Sports

Extreme Ironing and Other Household Sports
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     content words:    If Superman, Phil Shaw, United States, South Africa, Extreme Ironing International, Mount Rushmore, Deeply Ironic, Urban Housework, International Federation, Competitive Eating

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Extreme Ironing and Other Household Sports
By Colleen Messina

1     If you like the idea of doing an extreme sport, but you are not athletic, you could become a spectacular housecleaner. Even a superhero might have fun trying these extreme household sports. For example, Mr. Clean might enjoy extreme vacuuming. If Superman had a wrinkly cape, he could try a little extreme ironing on a skyscraper in Metropolis.
2     In extreme ironing, the athlete takes an ironing board to a strange place and irons some clothes. Its founder, Phil Shaw, says, it "combines the thrill of an extreme sport with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt." Phil started this sport in England. His nickname is Steam. Steam went on a tour to promote his zany sport. He visited the United States, Australia, and South Africa. Soon, they formed Extreme Ironing International. A five-time Olympic gold medalist said that this crazy activity could become a new Olympic sport.
3     People iron in wacky places. One man tried it between two jutting rocks at high altitude. Another team ironed on top of a cow, but the iron was not turned on. Otherwise, they might have had a barbeque! People also iron while hanging off of cliffs and on busy city bridges. Still others iron ferociously on top of bronze lion statues. Another ironer did his wardrobe duty on Mount Rushmore. Ironically, some ironers go underwater. It does seem to defeat the purpose of ironing to get the clothing wet.

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