Habitants of Quebec

Habitants of Quebec
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     challenging words:    settled, possible, pasture, certain, fresh, kinds, history, stayed, lived, extra, when, large, cards, wagon, protect, true
     content words:    American West, New World, Roman Catholic

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Habitants of Quebec
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     When you think of pioneers, do you think of wagon trains? That was true in the American West. How about earlier in history? What do you think it was like for the French pioneers in Quebec?
2     The French pioneers were called habitants. That word is close to an English word, inhabitants. It means those who live in a certain place.
3     What kinds of people came to the New World? Many were single men looking for adventure. Some became voyaguers or explorers. Others became coureur-des bois. Some were soldiers. They came to protect the pioneers. Habitants were the farmers who settled the land.
4     One of the hardest things to live with was the cold. It did not get cold like that in France. They had to learn to wear heavy clothes. They learned to use snow shoes. Toboggans were used to pull loads over the snow.
5     The first habitants did not know how to build warm homes. Soon they learned to build homes that stayed warm. They had thick walls and a big open room.
6     The habitants had very little money. They traded for almost everything. Even so, they had more than farmers in France did.
7     They had large homes and as much land as they could work. Their taxes were lighter, and food was plentiful most of the time.
8     All the people who lived in Quebec had to be Roman Catholic. If they were not, they were not allowed to stay.

Paragraphs 9 to 19:
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