They Always Get Their Man

They Always Get Their Man
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     challenging words:    prime, province, retreat, alcohol, federal, patrol, rushed, planes, peace, peaceful, longer, western, kinds, policeman, secure, moment
     content words:    First Nations, United States, Prime Minister Macdonald, North-West Mounted Police, Mounted Police, Royal North-West Mounted Police, World War, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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They Always Get Their Man
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     What do you think of when you see a Mountie? Maybe you see a policeman in a red uniform? Perhaps. Did you know that the Mounties helped tame the Northwest? They helped protect First Nations and settlers. They made sure laws were obeyed. They helped make Canada a good place to live.
2     In the 1870's a problem started in the Northwest. Men came from the United States to trade with the First Nations. They did not want to trade good things to the people. They wanted to trade alcohol. The "free traders" did not care how they hurt the people. They only cared about making money.
3     Prime Minister Macdonald heard about what happened. He was angry. The men had to be stopped!
4     It was decided that a police force was needed. They would be mounted on horses so they could travel quickly. They were called the North-West Mounted Police. They were formed in 1873.

Paragraphs 5 to 15:
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