Garon Gets Golf Lessons

Garon Gets Golf Lessons
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Garon Gets Golf Lessons
By Joyce Furstenau

1     Garon liked to play anything in which he used a stick. He played hockey and baseball, and this summer he was going to learn how to play golf. His father had arranged golf lessons for him at a nearby course. Garon was excited to learn about golfing.
2     At his first lesson, Garon learned about safety on the course. His teacher told him all about staying out of the way and warning others if you hit a ball toward them by shouting, "FORE!" Next he taught his students how to grip the clubs and how to stand. Everyone in the class practiced holding the golf clubs properly and swinging. The teacher walked behind each of his students and watched their swing. When they were ready, they each got a bucket of balls to practice with on the driving range. Garon missed most of the balls that first lesson, but he kept practicing.
3     Halfway through the lesson, the teacher brought the class to the putting green. The teacher said this is one of the most important parts of the golf game. "You putt for the dough, the rest is for show," he told the kids.

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