Alberto Tomba - Italian Ski Champion

Alberto Tomba - Italian Ski Champion
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     challenging words:    braggadocio, most-decorated, out-skied, superstardom, superstar, earning, characteristic, confident, shortly, confidence, hometown, fans, nickname, personality, slalom, ability
     content words:    Alberto Tomba, La Bomba, Junior Ski World Championship, World Cup, Winter Olympic Games, World Cups, Katarina Witt

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Alberto Tomba - Italian Ski Champion
By Ekaterina Zhdanova-Redman

1     What does it mean to be confident? People who are confident are sure of their abilities. They know what they can do and, just as important, what they can't do. This knowledge lets a person do something she's good at without worry. Would you consider yourself a confident person?
2     Can confidence go too far? Maybe you know someone who is always bragging about what he or she can do. Some people are sure of themselves, but they're pretty annoying about it. That's not confidence - that's braggadocio. There's one person in winter sports that best shows braggadocio. He's an incredible skier, and his name is Alberto Tomba. His nickname is "La Bomba," which is Italian for "The Bomb."
3     Tomba was born on December 19, 1966, near Bologna, Italy. His hometown is a mountain town, and Tomba spent his early years exploring the mountains around his home. It was there that he began to develop confidence with the mountains' snowy slopes. As a young man, his first attempts at sports were in tennis, soccer, and dirt biking. But by his teenage years, he had settled into the idea of being a professional skier.

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