What Is Post Impressionism?

What Is Post Impressionism?
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What Is Post Impressionism?
By Colleen Messina

1     Paul Cezanne thought apples were wonderful. He loved their juicy sweetness. He once said that he would astonish Paris with an apple. What do you think a famous artist could do with an apple that would be so amazing?
2     Paul Cezanne was a French artist who had a sharp eye. He was very good at looking at things like fruit very closely. He then painted what he saw in a fresh, new way. He also seemed to become friends with whatever he painted. He told a story that fruits liked to have their portraits painted. He thought that fruits could tell artists about the orchards they came from, the rain that fed them, and the sunsets they have seen. Now you will never look at a piece of fruit in the same way. Paul Cezanne, the apple lover, started an art style called Post Impressionism.
3     This style of art started in Paris. It started soon after a style called Impressionism. Here is what happened. In the late 1800s, a group of French artists called the Impressionists stirred up the world of art. They broke away from traditional ways of painting and experimented with light and color. And just when art critics were getting a bit used to the Impressionists, artists like Paul Cezanne did something new...again.

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