What Is Pop Art?

What Is Pop Art?
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     challenging words:    trend, geometric, critic, mysterious, gorgeous, meaning, cubes, artists, peculiar, often, kinds, secret, painting, apartment, character, mustard
     content words:    After World War II, Lawrence Alloway, Andy Warhol, New York, Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg

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What Is Pop Art?
By Colleen Messina

1     What do soup cans, comic strips, and paintings of hamburgers have in common? They are all subjects of a peculiar kind of art called pop art. Pop art doesn't have a secret, mysterious meaning like abstract art. Pop art is straightforward and fun.
2     Pop art started in the 1960s. Artists used the images that people knew well. After World War II, there were many new ads for more products than ever before. People were watching television. People were watching movies. The pop artists noticed this trend, and they used common objects in their art.
3     Before pop art, a lot of artists painted in abstract ways. They used geometric shapes in their pictures like cubes, cones, and circles. Pop artists got tired of abstract art. They thought it didn't mean anything. They wanted to paint objects that meant a lot to most people. They used lots of bright colors. Their art had a great sense of humor. It wasn't full of hidden meanings like abstract art. People understood what they saw, like a soup can, and just enjoyed it.

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