Art Mystery, Part 4 - Signatures and Soup Cans!

Art Mystery, Part 4 - Signatures and Soup Cans!
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   3.83

     challenging words:    accuracy, anatomy, painters, realistic, properly, purpose, thoughts, actually, mystery, fabulous, series, artists, fell, heirloom, lofty, order
     content words:    Thin Aunt Rune, Aunt Rune, Post Impressionist, Many Realists, Pop Art, Black Bean Soup, Andy Warhol, Be Continued

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Art Mystery, Part 4 - Signatures and Soup Cans!
By Colleen Messina

1     Aunt Rune, Shelly, and Brian were stunned when Gustav told them that the first name of the artist was Claude. Ms. Brush looked triumphant. Thin Aunt Rune looked flustered. Their greatest secret hope was that Claude was the artist's first name! That is exactly what they had been whispering about all day.
2     "Are you going to finish uncovering the signature?" said Shelly at last. She could hardly wait to learn who painted her aunt's mystery painting. This visit to Aunt Rune had turned out to be much more exciting than she thought it would! When her parents came to pick them up, Shelly and her brother should have some exciting news to share! But they had to hurry! The museum closed in half an hour.
3     "Yes," said Gustav. "I will go right back to work." With that, the gruff and tender Russian left.
4     "Let's go over the clues that we have so far," said Ms. Brush. "Children, tell me everything we have figured out about your aunt's heirloom painting."
5     "Well, we know it is not an abstract painting. It is not a Picasso!" Shelly said.
6     "Our painting had flowers in it," said Brian.
7     "Good, Brian! And my father lived in Paris once," said Aunt Rune. "But we don't know if that is important. The artist's first name was Claude. The artist was not a Post Impressionist, either."
8     "Let's quickly go through a couple of other rooms, so you can see if anything else is obvious. We don't have much time!" said Ms. Brush.
9     They went to the next room. The walls were deep green, and a large Oriental rug covered the floor. The rug had swirling patterns of peacocks on it. The chandelier sent rainbows of light across the ceiling. Brian nearly fell over backwards as he watched the light flecks move about. Again, Shelly felt embarrassed about her brother, but then she began to look at the paintings in this room.
10     "Now this is art!" exclaimed Shelly. "That lady looks amazingly real!"

Paragraphs 11 to 28:
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