A Brief History of North Dakota

A Brief History of North Dakota
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     content words:    North Dakota, American Indians, La Verendrye, David Thompson, Alexander Henry, United States, Mississippi River, Louisiana Purchase, President Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis

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A Brief History of North Dakota
By Barb Bickel

1     After the last glaciers receded some ten to fifteen thousand years ago, North Dakota was first inhabited by nomadic hunters and woodland people. They traveled back and forth on the plains searching for food and water.
2     Eventually various tribes of American Indians arrived in the area. The five major tribes that settled in the state were the Mandan, Hidatsas, Arikaras, Chippewa, and Sioux (Dakota). Four other tribes that often traded in the area were the Assiniboine, Cree, Cheyenne, and Crow.
3     The first Europeans to arrive in North Dakota in the 1700's were mainly explorers and fur traders. One of the first was named La Verendrye. He wrote about North Dakota and Indian life in the state. Another important explorer was David Thompson who was credited with drawing the first map of the area. Alexander Henry, a Canadian fur trader, was notable for establishing the first long-term trading post at Pembina.

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