Memoir of a Kentucky Thoroughbred

Memoir of a Kentucky Thoroughbred
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     challenging words:    introduce, equestrian, racer, skilled, social, northwest, bridle, running, schedule, certainly, attend, sleek, racing, powerful, saddle, among
     content words:    Castleton Farm, Ironworks Road, Bluegrass Region, Toyota Car Manufacturing Company, Keeneland Track, Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, Lexington Trots, Lexington Junior League Horse Show, Iroquois Hunt Club

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Memoir of a Kentucky Thoroughbred   

1     Let me introduce myself. My name is Thunder. I am a Kentucky thoroughbred horse. Just like my Arabian ancestors, I am sleek and powerful and spirited. I was bred and born on the Castleton Farm on Ironworks Road just a few miles out of Lexington. Take the bridle out of your mouth, and let's chew the facts.
2     The Bluegrass Region of Kentucky is home to scores of big horse farms varying from one thousand to three thousand acres each. Thousands of visitors come from all over the world to the Bluegrass to visit each year.
3     These beautiful farms produce many farm products besides thoroughbred racing horses. Other fine horses such as trotters and saddle horses are raised, too.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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