Greg Mortenson: International Peacemaker and Humanitarian, Part 2

Greg Mortenson: International Peacemaker and Humanitarian, Part 2
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 5 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   5.62

     challenging words:    re-load, helping, jeep, scientist, offering, barley, entire, death, multiplication, offend, hosts, medical, equipment, cable, wounds, knowledge
     content words:    Haji Ali, United States, Greg Mortenson, Westside Elementary School, River Falls, American Himalayan Foundation Newsletter, Jean Hoerni, When Greg, Mohammed Ali Changazi

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Greg Mortenson: International Peacemaker and Humanitarian, Part 2
By Joyce Furstenau

1     After a hearty meal at Haji Ali's house, Mouzafer and Greg left Korphe. They went back to the village of Skardu, but Greg kept thinking about Korphe. He arranged for a ride back to Korphe within a day or two. He stayed with Haji Ali while he continued to recover his strength. During this time, he wandered the village where he learned more about how the people of Baltistan lived. He learned that the people of Korphe had to work very hard to grow their crops of apricots, potatoes, and barley, and take care of their animals. He learned that the nearest doctor was a three week's walk away and that children and villagers died from diseases that could be easily cured in the United States.
2     Once Greg had regained his strength, he wanted to do something to repay his friends in Korphe. He soon realized the best thing he could give them was his medical knowledge. He went from house to house offering simple treatments such as ointment for wounds. Villagers began calling him "Dr. Greg" even though told them he was a nurse.
3     During his stay in Korphe, Greg saw how hard villagers of Korphe had to work. Greg wanted to do something else to help them. He asked Haji Ali if he could see Korphe's school. He thought perhaps he could offer books or supplies. Haji Ali was hesitant at first but said he would take him the following day.
4     The next morning Greg and Haji Ali hiked up to a spot of open land. Greg saw seventy-eight boys and four girls sitting on the frozen ground quietly studying their lessons. Haji Ali explained there was no school building and the children shared a teacher with a nearby village. The teacher came only three days a week. The other two days the children came here to study on their own. There was no equipment. The children used sticks to write their multiplication tables in the mud.
5     It was at that moment Greg Mortenson knew what he had to do. He knew this would be the best way to honor his sister's memory. "I will build a school," he said, "I promise."

Paragraphs 6 to 12:
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