Grade 7 Reading Comprehensions

Bird Calling

Bird Calling
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grade 7
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   6.11

     challenging words:    acrid, bird-lover, black-beaked, enthrall, iridescent, kerchief, plumage, sketchbook, unimpressed, momentous, applicable, world-renowned, eye-watering, nighttime, passion, bird-watching
     content words:    All Things Wild, Purple-crested Turaco

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Bird Calling
By Brenda B. Covert

1     I went to the mall with my debit card. After weeks of depositing my babysitting money into my checking account, it was time to splurge! I strode the length of the mall to reach my favorite store, All Things Wild and Woolly. I carefully studied all items applicable to my interests. I made my choice, and the cashier rang up my purchase. When the transaction was complete, I was the proud owner of a CD of authentic bird calls!
2     Birds enthrall me. Eventually I hope to be a world-renowned authority on the subject of birds. I'll call myself the "Bird Hunter" and have my own TV show! I study plumage, natural habitats, bird songs, feeding patterns, and the mating and nesting habits of all kinds of birds. I gratify my passion for birds once a month with a trip to that store! Last month I bought a hummingbird feeder to hang outside my bedroom window. I watched sparrows, cardinals, and purple martins fly around for days until that momentous occasion when a quick, little bird darted to the feeder and feasted on the nectar!
3     Last year I met another bird-lover. I discovered Jade at the state zoo's exotic bird exhibit. She was crouched with a sketchbook in her hand opposite the Purple-crested Turaco - a black-beaked bird from Africa with crimson wings, a green and blue body, and an iridescent head with a tuft of purple on top. She wore a watermelon print kerchief embellished with beaded fringe, and when I complimented her on it, she confessed that it was a remnant from the fabric used to make a dress for her baby sister! I liked her right away. She is a wildlife artist, and birds are her specialty.
4     It turned out that we're from different counties. We may be separated by distance, but E-mail and instant messaging allow us to maintain close contact. Every so often we're able to schedule a trip to get together.

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