Spring Theme Unit and Printables
Spring Crossword
Worksheets, Lessons, and Printables

Plant Crossword Puzzles
     Fruit and Vegetables (Pictures)  (includes pictures and words)
     Plant Needs and Plant Parts  (includes words)
     Plant Cells  (includes words)
     Leaves  (includes words)
     Simple Plants  (includes words)
     Plant Tissue  (includes words)
     Life Cycle of Flowering Plants  (includes words)
     Making Food  (includes words)
     Flowers and Parts of Flowers  (includes words)
     Conifers  (includes words)
     Trees: Importance and Uses of  (includes words)
     Types of Trees  (includes words)
     Parts of a Tree and Tree Growth  (includes words)
     Parasites and Meat Eaters  (includes words)
     Plants Review Printable  (includes words)

Weather Crossword Puzzles
     The Atmosphere  (includes words)
     Wind and Air Pressure  (includes words)
     Clouds  (includes words)
     Storms and Fronts  (includes words)
     Rain  (includes words)
     Seasons  (includes words)
     Thunderstorms and Tornadoes  (includes words)
     Weather Review Crossword  (includes words)


Spring Theme Unit and Printables

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