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     Getting Dressed for School (grades 2-3)
     My Dream Car (grades 2-3)
     My Favorite Sandwich (grades 2-3)
     The Wild Wind (grades 2-3)
     Up in the Air (grades 2-3)
     Henny-Penny (grades 2-4)
     The Fox and the Crow (grades 2-4)
     The Spelling Bee (grades 3-4)
     I have a Secret (grades 3-5)
     The Bald Lion (grades 3-5)
     The Miser and His Gold (grades 3-5)
     The Peacock and the Crane (grades 3-5)
     Mary Lennox (grades 4-6)
     The Milk-Woman and Her Pail (grades 5-7)
     The Jabberwocky (grades 6-12)

4th of July Theme Unit
     Party in the Sky (grades 1-3)

Aesop's Fables Theme Unit
     The Hares and the Frogs - a funda-blank (grades 2-4)

Amphibians Theme Unit
     Frogs Flying Kites (grades 1-2)

Apples Theme Unit
     I Have a Bag of Apples (grades 1-2)

April 1st Theme Unit
     Math Problems (grades 3-5)

Art Theme Units
     Painting Lisa (grades 3-5)

Autumn Theme Unit
     The Leaf Project (grades 2-3)

Back to School and First Day of School Lesson Plans
     Back-to-School Plans (grades 4-6)

Beach Theme Unit
     Beach Adventure (grades 4-6)

Birds Theme Unit
     Lucy Goosey (grades 1-2)

Christmas Theme Unit
     The Night Before Christmas (grades 2-12)

Cinco de Mayo Theme Unit
     My Cinco de Mayo PiŮata (grades 1-2)

     The Circus Show (grades 1-2)

Community Helpers Theme Unit
     Fred the Fireman (grades 1-2)

Dinosaurs Theme Unit
     Dinosaurs (grades 2-3)

Earth Day Activities, Printables, Worksheets, and Lesson Plans for Kids - Theme Unit
     Ten Facts about Earth (grades 4-6)

Easter Theme Unit
     Amazing Easter Egg (grades 4-6)

End of School Theme Unit
     The Last Day of School (grades 2-3)

Farm Theme Unit
     Whatís that Smell? (grades 2-3)

Father's Day Theme Unit
     Zoony Wants to be Like Dad (grades 2-3)

Fire Safety Theme Unit
     I Am Fire Smart (grades 1-2)

Flag Day Theme Unit
     Raise the Flag! (grades 3-5)

     Zoony Wants to be Like Dad (grades 2-3)

Gingerbread Theme Unit
     Gingerbread Pets (grades 2-3)

Grandparents Day Theme Unit
     Cookie Baking Time (grades 2-3)

Halloween Theme Unit
     Black Cat's Night Out (grades 1-3)

Hats Theme Unit
     The Horseís Hat (grades 1-2)

Hygiene Theme Unit
     Basic Personal Hygiene (grades 5-8)

Immigration Theme Unit
     The Journey to America from Norway (grades 3-4)

Insects Theme Unit
     Insect Party (grades 1-2)

Inventors and Inventions Theme Unit
     A New Dance (grades 2-3)

January 7th Theme Unit
     I Want to be a Lion Tamer (grades 3-5)

     I Want to be a Teacher (grades 1-3)

July 5th Theme Unit
     Letter from Clown School (grades 3-5)

Kite Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans
     Frogs Flying Kites (grades 1-2)

Labor Day Theme Unit
     Whatís it all About? (grades 3-4)

March 11th Theme Unit
     Letter from Clown School (grades 3-5)

Mardi Gras Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans
     My First King Cake (grades 3-4)

Math Worksheets, Puzzles, Printables, Problems, Test Prep
     Math Problems (grades 3-5)

Mother's Day Theme Unit
     Todd Frog's Mother (grade 1)

Music Theme Unit
     Polka Dot Music (grades 2-3)

Mystery Theme Unit
     The Mystery Gift (grades 2-4)

Native Americans Theme Unit
     Seal Hunter (grades 2-3)

New Year's Day Theme Unit
     New Year's Resolution (grades 3-5)

Ocean Theme Unit
     Water, Water, Everywhere (grades 2-3)

Penguins Theme Unit
     Penguins (nonfiction) (grades 2-3)

Pets Theme Unit
     I Have a New Pet (grades 1-2)

Pine Cones Theme Unit
     Pine Cone Decorations (grades 2-3)

Pizza Theme Unit
     Personal Pizza (grades 2-3)

Plants Theme Unit
     Chadís Sunflowers (grades 2-3)

Poetry Theme Unit
     Last Answers (grades 6-12)

Polar Regions Theme Unit
     An Odd Penguin (grades 2-4)

Prehistoric Mammals Theme Unit
     Prehistoric Terror (grades 5-6)

Pumpkins Theme Unit
     The Pumpkin Patch (grades 2-3)

Rain Forest Theme Unit
     The Rainforest (grades 2-3)

Rainbow Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans
     Tasting a Rainbow (grades 3-4)

Science Fiction Reading Comprehension Books
     Strange Computer (grades 4-6)

September 16th Theme Unit
     The Mexican Fiesta (grades 5-6)

September 7th Theme Unit
     Labor Day Picnic (grades 2-3)

Sports Theme Unit
     I Want to be an Olympic Diver (grades 4-6)

Spring Theme Unit
     First Day of Spring (grades 1-2)

St. Patrick's Day Theme - Activities, Puzzles, Printables, and Worksheets
     My St. Patrick's Day (grades 4-6)

Summer 2008 Beijing Olympics Theme Unit
     A New Olympic Sport (grades 3-5)

Summer Theme Unit
     Summer Fun (grades 2-3)

Teacher Appreciation Day Theme Unit
     I Appreciate my Teacher! (grade 2)

Teddy Bear Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans
     Palm Island Teddy (grades 2-3)

Thanksgiving Theme Unit
     Thanksgiving Feast (grades 1-3)

The Four Seasons Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans
     Favorite Seasons (grades 1-2)

Tobacco Theme Unit
     Smoking Dad (grades 2-3)

United States Presidents Theme Unit
     U.S. Presidential Trivia (grades 5-6)

Valentine's Day Theme Unit
     Love Letter (grades 2-4)

Wild, Wild West
     My Life as a Cowboy (grades 3-5)

Winter Olympics Theme Unit
     I Want to be an Olympic Diver (grades 4-6)

Winter Theme Unit
     An Odd Penguin (grades 2-4)

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