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Leveled Readers:  Level 16

Approximate edHelper Reading Level 16 Correlations:
Grade  Third Grade
DRA Level  30 to 34
Fountas Pinnell  N to O

        5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23 

Photo Book Bundles

         Download all of the photo Reading level 16 books
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Reading level 16 Book Bundles

         Download all of the Reading level 16 books
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Weekly Leveled Reading Books

          Weekly Leveled Reader Books

Level 16 - Reading and Writing Books

     So You Want to Be a Fashion Model?
Invasive Species
Extinct Birds
Your Eyes
Big Cats That Don't Roar
Big Cats That Don't Roar
Mitosis: Cell Division
Vampire Bats
See the Light
What Time Is It?
Animals in Antarctica
Antarctica Explorers: The Race to the South Pole
Pacific Walruses
Beyond Cats and Dogs: Athletes and Their Animals
Pets to the Rescue
Summer Postcards from Blake and Bill
Goodies for Good Friends
My Movie Moment
What Do Animals Do During the Winter?
Stu and Sally Stingray
Let's Meet Harriet Tubman
Giant Pandas
This One is Just Right
Texting to Save the Gulf
Munchable Mysteries: Busting Food Myths
Hooray for Halloween!
A Message from Rover
A Message from Fluffy

Level 16 - Nonfiction Photo Books

     Gnocchi and Noodles
Let's Visit a Colombian Village
Let's Visit a Construction Supply Store
Let's Visit the Tetons
Let's Visit the Tongass National Forest
Scenes of Asia
A South American Christmas
A Walk in India

Level 16 - Reading Books

     ‘Round and ‘Round it Goes: The Circulatory System
A Brief History of Our Right to Vote
The History of Airplanes
Jaws: Sharks in the Water
More Safety Tips from Sal
Plant A Tree
A Puppy for Upton
The Rat
A Sailor From Italy
Sal's Safety Tips
The Scientific Method
What Are Living Things?
What Is Fall?
Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Your Smile: When You Need Braces

Fluent Leveled Reader Books
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