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Butterfly Leveled Readers

Approximate edHelper Butterfly Leveled Readers Correlations:
Grade  First Grade
DRA Level  6
Fountas Pinnell  D

        5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23 

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Photo Book Bundles

         Photo Books Bundle #1 of 2
Fluent Leveled Reader (large file - total of 15 books in this PDF)

         Photo Books Bundle #2 of 2
Fluent Leveled Reader (large file - total of 6 books in this PDF)

Fluent Leveled Reader Book Bundles

         Reading Books Bundle #1 of 3
Fluent Leveled Reader (large file - total of 35 books in this PDF)

         Reading Books Bundle #2 of 3
Fluent Leveled Reader (large file - total of 35 books in this PDF)

         Reading Books Bundle #3 of 3
Fluent Leveled Reader (large file - total of 24 books in this PDF)

Gavin and Kevin

        Gavin and Kevin Book 10: The Turkey That Ran
Gavin and Kevin Book 11: Car Party
Gavin and Kevin Book 12: Snow Day on Valentine's Day


        Pam Book 11: Justin Is Up To Something

Little Lucas

        Little Lucas Book 7: Lost on Mother's Day

Weekly Leveled Reading Books

          Weekly Leveled Reader Books

Butterfly Leveled Readers - Nonfiction Photo Books

     Children in Nepal
Children Long Ago
Cold Winter Day
A Dinosaur Playground
The Enchanted Forest
Fixing the Car
Get Ready to Go
Growing Up
A Hike to Elbow Lake
Let's Go to a Car Show
Lost Dog
Meet the Kids
A Montana Dog Sled Trek
My Hero
Ready to Ride
Talk to the Animals
A Trek to Mount Everest
A Trip to Yellowstone National Park
What a Duckling Likes
What a Puppy Likes
What an Alpaca Likes
What Sport Should I Play?

Butterfly Leveled Readers

     Airplane Travel
Almost Autumn
Animals That Migrate
At the Market
Baking Bread
The Barnyard Dance
Birthday Book
Books in the Library
Can You?
Car Party
Cat at My Door
Classroom Objects
Consonant P Tongue Twister
Counting Bats
Counting on Halloween
Counting Penguins
Dad's Dog
A Day at the Lake
Dinner Chores
Five Senses of Spring Mini Book
Freddy Goes to First Grade
Freddy’s First Day of School
Gavin Takes Bear Home
Gavin Takes Bee Home
Gavin Takes Duck Home
Gavin Takes Frog Home
Gavin Takes Iguana Home
Gavin Takes Kangaroo Home
Gavin Takes Lion Home
Gavin Takes Monkey Home
Gavin Takes Owl Home
Gavin Takes Panda Home
Gavin Takes Penguin Home
Gavin Takes Rabbit Home
Gavin Takes Spider Home
Gavin Takes Squirrel Home
Gavin Takes Tiger Home
Gavin Takes Turtle Home
Gracias Por Las Verduras: Thank You for the Vegetables
Grumpy Grace
Henry Makes a Leaf
A Hike with Grandpa
How a Pumpkin Grows
I Can Make a Scarecrow
I Can Name the Months of the Year
I Can Tell It's Autumn
It Was Nothing
Jax Stays Calm
Justin Is Up To Something
Kaylee Bakes a Cake
Leaping Lizards
Leave Five of Everything
A Letter to Fern
Looking at Books
Lost on Mother's Day
Making a Quilt Square
The Mean Queen
Mike’s Wish
Mini Book Hearts
The Missing Donuts
Molly's Bad Day
Mom's Birthday
Mom's Special Day
Mother Goose
My Job
Nine Neat Numbers
Odd & Even
Our Class Went to the Park
Our Dog Duke
Our New Brown Dog
People in Your Community
Pete's Pumpkin Seed
Simon Catches a Mouse
Six Silly Sheep
Six Silly Snakes
Snow Day on Valentine's Day
Some Leaves
Stay Away
There's A Turkey in My Hand
Things I Can Do
The Turkey That Ran
Using My Five Senses
Vera's Letter
We are Baking Bread
We Went to the Park
What Did I See at the Zoo?
What Looks Out of Place?
What Shape Am I?
Zoo Animals

Emergent Leveled Reader Books - Beginning Reader
Guided Reading Levels A-D




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