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Leveled Readers:  Level 7

Approximate edHelper Reading Level 7 Correlations:
Grade  First Grade
DRA Level  12
Fountas Pinnell  G

        5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23 

Photo Book Bundles

         Download all of the photo Reading level 7 books
in one file (large file - total of 4 books in the PDF)

Reading level 7 Book Bundles

         Reading Books Bundle #1 of 2
Reading level 7 (large file - total of 35 books in this PDF)

         Reading Books Bundle #2 of 2
Reading level 7 (large file - total of 23 books in this PDF)

Get Your Kicks

        Get Your Kicks Book 4: It Just Keeps Going

Weekly Leveled Reading Books

          Weekly Leveled Reader Books

Level 7 - Reading and Writing Books

     My Five Senses

Level 7 - Nonfiction Photo Books

     Alaska Has
At the Circus
A Day at the Beach
Hawaii Has
Let's Visit Banff
Let's Visit the Italian Countryside
Rivers of Ice
Taking a Train Ride
Treasures in Thailand
A Walk in the Woods

Level 7 - Reading Books

     Animal Limericks
A Bread Time Story
Counting Snowmen
Easter Eggs
The Five Senses
A Flea Ride
Ginger's Hero
A Handful of Violets
Hannah Visits the Hair Salon
Holidays: Dias Festivos
How to Build a Snowman
I Got a Letter
I Like Pets
I Need a Nickel
In the Classroom
In The Market
It Just Keeps Going
Kelly's Kitchen
Let's Bake a Cake
A Little Yellow Bee
A Long Hike
The Members of My Family: Los Miembros de la Familia
Moon Myths
Musical Instruments
My Day
My Family: Mi Familia
Mysterious Flower
No One Noticed
Opening Day
Our Community
Parts of a Plant
Sing! Sing! Sing!
Some Animals Hibernate
Some Dinosaurs
Some Holidays
Sounds of the Pet Store
Stan Can
Starstruck (Stuff About Stars)
Stay Away!
Terrible Tim
Thanks for That!
Things We Use At Home
Three Flips and Two Spins
The Three Paths
Vegetables in the Garden
What Fruit?
What is Winter?
Who Is in the Garden?
Words Describing Water
Zippy Fizz

Progressing Leveled Reader Books - Developing Reader
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