Special Education
Life Skills

Life Skills:

Reading Comprehensions
     Finding Inexpensive Things to Do (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     Let's Go to the Beach (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     Planning a Trip to an Amusement Park (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     Pam Plans a Picnic (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Lisa Plans a Party (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Going to a Party (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Wrapping a Gift (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Let's Go to the Movies (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Going to an Arena or the Theatre (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Where Will You Go on Your Vacation? (Hi/Lo Grades 4-6)
     Where Will You Stay on Your Vacation? (Hi/Lo Grades 4-6)

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