Return to School Order Administrators

Renew a School License
    Renew an existing edHelper school license

Check the Status of a School Order
    Check the status of a school order

Complete an Order
When your fax is received, if edHelper says you didn't give all of the e-mail addresses then use this option to complete your order.
    Complete School Order

Change a Teacher Account (use also to make corrections)
Delete one e-mail address and add a new e-mail address
    Change a Teacher Account

Resend Password
e-mail address:

List of all accounts setup for a school order
    View list of accounts setup for a school order

Retrieve edHelper school license order number
Please enter the administrator's e-mail address exactly as was entered on the original order.
School administrator's e-mail address:  

Customer Service
If one of the tools above do not help you with your school order, please contact edHelper.
    e-mail customer service