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Algebra Review
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1.   EdHelper Airlines flight H3488 from Boston to Dallas averaged a speed of 90 mph more than the return trip back to Boston. The return trip took 1 109/308 times longer than the trip going to Dallas. The distance between Boston and Dallas is one thousand, seven hundred fifty miles. What was the average speed from Dallas to Boston?

2.   Thomas left Miami and drove at a speed of 41 mph. Katherine left 1 hour and 28 minutes later and drove at a speed of 57 mph. How long will it take Katherine to catch up with Thomas?

3.   Two jets leave an airport at the same time in opposite directions. The first jet is traveling at three hundred seventy-seven mph and the other at two hundred seventy-five mph. How long will it take for the jets to be 2,065 miles apart?

4.   Kyle lives twenty-nine miles from work. During the summer, he rides his bike at six mph to the metro station. He then takes the metro to work, which travels at thirty-three mph. If he spends six minutes less on the metro than on his bike, what is the distance from the metro to his house?


Answer Key 0627190
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