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Algebra Review
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1.   Christina and Julia were running for mayor in a small town. Christina received thirty percent of the votes. Julia received four thousand, sixty votes. How many votes were cast in the town, assuming that everybody in the town voted for either Christina or Julia?

2.   Brianna was in charge of selling tickets to the school play. Tickets were available for adults and students. Brianna reported that 192 more student tickets than adult tickets were sold. 66% of the tickets sold were student tickets. How many student tickets were sold?

3.   Isaac earns thirty-four percent on sales of pretzels and eleven percent on sales of soda. This week, he earned $82.58. His sales of pretzels were $2 more than his sales of soda. How much did Isaac earn by selling pretzels?

4.   Emma is a real estate agent. Emma just sold a house for her client, Matthew. Matthew paid Emma five percent commission on the selling price. Matthew received $228,950 after paying the commission for the house. What was the actual selling price of the house?


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