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Algebra Review
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1.   The ratio of adult tickets to student tickets for the school play was four to five. If the sum of the adult tickets and one half of the students tickets is 260, how many adult tickets were sold?

2.   The hourly wages of Luis and Eric are in the ratio of 17:18. Today, they each worked nine hours. Eric earned $5.67 more than Luis for today's work. How much does Luis earn per hour?

3.   Some money will be divided in the ratio of 1 to 3. Four times the smaller amount is five hundred ninety-five dollars less than three times the larger amount. William will receive the smaller amount and Michael will receive the larger amount. How much will William receive?

4.   The ratio of votes for Brian to votes for Jose in an election is 13:5. There were a total of 1,530 votes. How many people voted for Jose?


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