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Algebra Review
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1.   Brianna met her friends at the coffee house and bought four cups of latte and three cups of regular coffee for a total of $23.99. Each cup of latte costs $0.87 more than one cup of regular coffee. How much does one cup of latte cost?

2.   At EdHelper Gas, regular gas is $1.11 per gallon and ultra gas is $1.73 per gallon. If EdHelper Gas sold 76 gallons of ultra, how many gallons of regular must be sold to have an average selling price of $1.459 per gallon?

3.   Dylan sells $1,000 ads for the radio station he works for. He earns $566 per week, plus four percent commission. In the last six weeks, Dylan earned $6,516. How many ads did he sell?

4.   Rebecca started a new business manufacturing shirts. She had to pay $6,000 for the equipment. Each shirt costs $2.75 to make and will be sold at $5. How many shirts will Rebecca need to sell to cover her initial cost of the equipment?


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