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Algebra Review
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1.   Kevin played a few games of bowling. The third game he scored eighty more than the second game. The first game he scored one hundred ten less than the third game. His total score for the first two games was 208. If he wants an average score of 146, what must he score on the fourth game?

2.   Brian and Jordan each played six games of bowling. Their total score was 1,438. Brian scored one hundred forty-two points less than Jordan. What was Brian's average score per game?

3.   A baseball team won three more than three times the number of games lost. If the team played fifty-one games, how many games did the team lose?

4.   On Sunday, Sierra played five games of bowling and averaged a score of 135. She played four more games on Thursday to bring her average over all the games played on Sunday and Thursday to 163. What was her average score on Thursday?


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