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Algebra Review
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1.   A small town has averaged 1.7 inches of rain per month from January to April. What must be the average monthly rainfall from May to December so that the average rainfall for the entire year will be approximately 1.43 inches per month?

2.   The EdHelper convention offered tickets at thirty percent off for those that purchased tickets one month in advance. The number of tickets sold at normal price was two hundred forty-four more than two times the number of discounted tickets. The total sales of 1135 tickets came to $49,157.30. How much was the price of a non-discounted ticket?

3.   The theater manager calculated the total revenue for the night to be $4,996.50. A total of 591 movie tickets and popcorn were sold. If movie tickets cost $9.25 each and popcorn costs $4.30, how many movie tickets were sold?

4.   Rebecca owns three houses and makes money by renting them out. She charges three times as much per month for the second house than the first. The monthly rent for the third house is one thousand, eight hundred dollars less than the sum of the monthly rents for the first two houses. The first house was vacant for five months, but otherwise rents were received every month from the tenants of the three houses. Rebecca had total rent receipts of $60,300 for the year. How much, per month, was the rent for the third house?


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