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Algebra Review
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1.   Lauren wants to mix 5 liters of 7% milk with skim-milk (0% fat) to produce a mixture of 2 46/47% milk. How much skim-milk should Lauren add?

2.   Jasmine works at the EdHelper Juice company which makes fruit juice. The company's most popular fruit juice contains 20% of real fruit juice and 80% of a non-fruit juice. How much of non-fruit juice should be added to 8 liters of fruit juice to make the popular fruit juice?

3.   How much water should be added to one liter of pure alcohol to make a mixture of 50% alcohol?

4.   At EdHelper Coffee, one kind of coffee sells for $1 a cup and another sells for $3.25 a cup. How much of each coffee should be used to make 9 cups of a coffee mixture which sells for $2.75 a cup?


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