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Algebra Review
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1.   The EdHelper Florist sells roses at $11.72 a bunch, tulips at $4.50 a bunch, and daffodils at $5.22 a bunch. Ryan ordered a banquet of 19 bunches of roses and tulips. If he wants to spend exactly $114.38, how many bunches of each can he buy?

2.   Samuel has an alloy containing 11% gold. Taylor has 1/2 ounces of an alloy containing 70% gold. They combined their alloys to make an alloy with 36 2/7% gold. Gold is worth $388.31 an ounce at the current market value. Samuel estimated the value of the new alloy to be $164.38 an ounce. How many ounces of Samuel's alloy were used?

3.   John made 14 gallons of milk containing 58% cream and 42% skim milk. Megan took out cream from the mix to make a new mixture that has 51% cream and 49% skim milk. How much cream did he take out?

4.   Shelby has two types of iodine in her lab. She has brand 238 iodine, which costs fifty-three cents per ounce. She also has brand 691 iodine, which costs $2.35 an ounce. How many ounces of brand 238 should she use if she has 55 ounces of brand 691 and wants to make a mixture that costs approximately $0.77 per ounce?


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