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1.   Mr. and Mrs. Young went to the Apple Festival in Waynesville. They tasted apple pie, apple fritters, apple bread, apple muffins, dried apples, baked apples, apple turnovers, caramel apples, candied apples, and just plain fresh, juicy apples. At the end of the day, they bought a box of Fuji apples to share with their friends. There were 8 apples in the box. If they gave half of the apples to their friends, how many apples did they have left?

2.   Grace just absolutely loves apples! She not only loves to eat them, she loves how they look, especially the big, shiny, red ones. She found some fabric that had bright red apples on it. Her mother bought four and a half yards of the fabric to make curtains for Grace's bedroom. The price of the fabric was $6.44 per yard. How much did the fabric cost in all?

3.   Kaitlyn was helping her father sort the apples he had picked. When they finished the sorting she counted the apples in each box. There were one hundred Red Delicious apples, two hundred forty-seven Gravenstein apples, two hundred ninety-six Jonathan apples, and two hundred twenty-eight Macoun apples. How many apples were there in all?

4.   The students in Mr. Lee's class are in charge of the apple-dunking booth at the Fall Festival. The students counted the number of times it took each person to get an apple. Using the numbers below, find the average number of times it took to get an apple. (round your answer to the nearest number of dunks)
Person   Dunks        Person   Dunks
#15  #214
#310  #412
#511  #69
#74  #87
#92  #103

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This is only a sample worksheet.