Read and Color Books
August themes

Read and Color Activity Books

             Introduction to August

Best Friend Day
             Morgan's Best Friend

National Catfish Month
             Greg's Big Catch

Mustard Day
             Maya Tries Something New (August 6)

Sister's Day
             A Surprising Playmate (August 7)

Thrift Shop Day
             A Treasure Hunt (August 17)

National Punctuation Day
             Fishing at Punctuation Lake (August 22)

Pets Theme Unit
Pets Theme Unit theme unit

             Pet Glyph

             My Dog and Best Friend (Grades 1-2)

             Beyond Cats and Dogs: Athletes and Their Animals (Grades 2-3)

             Tiffany's Ducklings (Grades 2-4)

             Emma's Eyes (Grades 3-4)

             A Message from Rover (Grades 2-3)

             Pets to the Rescue (Grades 2-3)

             Beyond Sit and Stay: Training Tricks for You and Your Dog (Grades 2-4)

             A Message from Fluffy (Reading Level 2; Interest Level 4)

             How to Pamper Your Pooch (Reading Level 2; Interest Level 4)

             Your Cat's Baffling Behavior (Grades 3-4)

             Tiffany's Foster Puppies (Grades 4-6)

             Star Athletes and Their Pets (Reading Level 3; Interest Level 5)

             Your Dog's Baffling Behavior (Grades 4-5)

             Veterinarian (Grades 4-6)

             Our New Brown Dog

             Puppy Wants to Play - Read and Color

             Tom and His Pet

             The Book of Pets

             Patty at the Pet Store (mini book)

             At the Pet Store (mini book)

             I Like Pets

             A Puppy for Upton

             Sounds of the Pet Store

             A Fish Tale

             My Three Pets

             Dad's Dog

             Kit Kat

             The Little Kitten

Book Reports
Book Reports theme unit

             Book Report Glyph

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