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1.   The weather had started cooling off, so Elizabeth knew that autumn was on the way. She decided to make a chart showing the temperature at 8:00 a.m. each day for a week. The temperatures she recorded were seventy-four degrees, sixty-five degrees, sixty-nine degrees, sixty-six degrees, fifty-five degrees, fifty-seven degrees, and seventy-three degrees. What was the average temperature for the week? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree.

2.   Christian wants to ride his bicycle to his friend's house for an autumn cookout. It will take him 51 minutes minutes to get there. If the cookout starts at 4:08, what time should Christian start his trip to arrive at the cookout on time?

3.   Robert and Timothy planted pumpkins to sell to people for their autumn celebrations. Their garden has 5 sides. The sides measure 5 feet 8 inches, 7 feet 8 inches, 10 feet 3 inches, 7 feet 5 inches, and 7 feet 11 inches. What is the perimeter of their garden?

4.   In autumn, Nathan helps his father gather the buckets of sap from their maple trees. Later they will make maple syrup from it. Each bucket has five quarts of sap in it. Nathan and his father gathered thirty-five buckets of sap. How many gallons of sap did they gather? Write your answer in decimal format.

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This is only a sample worksheet.