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1.   The art teacher at Mountain Springs Elementary School asked her 119 students to cut leaves out of red, green, yellow, and orange construction paper for decorations for the Fall Festival. If three leaves can be cut from one sheet of colored paper and she needs 1,300 leaves, how many sheets of paper will she need?

2.   A D.J. at the radio station in Savannah's hometown was assigned to a three-hour shift. During his shift he will play both rap and hip-hop music. He was asked to play rap for an hour and 13 minutes. The rest of the time he was asked to play hip-hop. His boss also wanted him to play 14 minutes minutes of commercials during his shift. At the end of his four shifts for the week, how much time will he have played hip-hop music?

3.   Mr. Johnson got up on the first day of autumn and decided to treat himself to his favorite breakfast. He walked to the store and bought milk for $1.77, bagels for $1.99, cream cheese for $2.85, orange juice for $3.83, and a pot of golden chrysanthemums to put on his table for $8.99. Adding a 8.6% sales tax, how much money will he spend?

4.   One crisp autumn morning Nicholas and his friends decide to do some inline skating. There are ten boys and twelve girls in the group. What is the ratio of boys to the total number of friends going skating? Express your answer as a fraction and as a percent.

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This is only a sample worksheet.