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1.   On the first day of school, Mountain Elementary School had 82 kindergarteners, 112 first graders, 93 second graders, 177 third graders, 174 fourth graders, and 202 fifth graders. How many students attended Mountain Elementary School on the first day?

2.   Sean, John, and Ryan did their school shopping together. They bought twenty-eight pencils, six packages of notebook paper, and eighteen erasers. If they divide everything equally, how many erasers will each boy get?

3.   Ms. Thomas, the math teacher, assigned each student to measure an object in the classroom and find the area of it. Morgan was told to measure the top of her desk and find its area. The top of the desk was thirty-two inches long and twenty-one inches wide. Find the area of the desk for Morgan.

4.   On the first day of art class, Mr. Lewis asked each class member to fill out a card that had places to write name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and age. Mr. Lewis teaches classes from kindergarten through fifth grade, so his students are many different ages. He arranged the cards in order by age. Twenty-three students were five years old, twenty-one students were six years old, twenty-eight students were seven years old, twenty-four students were eight years old, thirty-three students were nine years old, twenty-seven students were ten years old, and twenty-five students were eleven years old. What was the average age of Mr. Young's students? Round your answer to the nearest number of years old.

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This is only a sample worksheet.