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1.   After they finished their reading journal entries, Emma and Alexandra played a new game. The game had a spinner with eight spaces on it. The spaces were numbered from 1 to 8. Emma was first. What are the chances that the spinner's arrow landed on the space with the number two on it? Express your answer in the form of a ratio.

2.   Christopher went to the store with his brother to buy his school supplies. His mother gave each boy $40 to get the supplies. Christopher bought a notebook ($5.94), a package of pencils ($1.40), three packages of paper ($0.78), and a ruler ($0.83) at the first store. At the second store he bought a compass ($2.57) and a protractor ($2). After they finished shopping, the boys bought a soft drink ($1.08) and went home. How much money did Christopher have left from the $40 his mother gave him?

3.   Mr. Hernandez has book covers for his students. There are red, blue, green, purple, and yellow covers and the students will get to choose their own colors. Eight of the students want red book covers. There are twenty-eight red book covers. If Mr. Hernandez gives each of the eight students an equal number of red covers, how many red book covers will each of the eight students get?

4.   Andrew loved pencils. He had a whole box full of pencils in different colors and designs. One-ninth of them were yellow, one-seventh of them were blue, and the rest of the pencils had designs on them. What fraction represents the pencils with designs on them?

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This is only a sample worksheet.