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1.   On the first day of school the students in Mrs. Clark's class drew names to see who their table partners would be. All twenty-three students wrote their names on pieces of paper and put them in a basket. There are ten girls in the class. If Jordan drew first, what is the probability that she would draw a boy's name?

2.   The School Board took a survey during the summer to find out how many buses would be needed when classes began. There are 2,827 elementary school children in the district. Twenty-three percent of the children walk to school, twenty-seven percent come in cars, and the rest walk to school. If each bus will hold forty-three students, how many buses will be needed to transport the elementary students to school?

3.   It cost Mountain City 5.03 million dollars to build Mountain Elementary School. The city will pay for the school in equal payments over a period of thirty-nine years. How much will each monthly payment be if no interest is charged on the loan?

4.   Using the following price list, find out how much Kaylee spent on school supplies. She bought a notebook, six pocket folders, twenty-five pencils, three erasers, a pair of scissors, a box of colored pencils, three black pens, seven blue pens, one ruler, and five packages of paper.
Paper   $1.31/package
Rulers   $0.89 each
Pens   $0.71 each
Colored Pencils   $1.38/box
Scissors   $8.50/pair
Erasers   $0.14 each
Pencils   $0.17 each
Pocket Folders   $0.46 each
Notebook   $4.42 each

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6.   sample pre-made printable - click above to make a printable with all questions


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This is only a sample worksheet.