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1.   Oh, oh-you are late for Ms. Bartholomew's class! Class starts at 10:29 a.m. and ends at 11:14 a.m. If you came in thirty-five minutes late, what percent of the class did you miss?

2.   Everyone loves to go on a summer trip. Let's say you drove from your town to a national park that was six hundred fifty-seven miles away. If it took you 12 hours to get there, what was your average speed for the trip? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

3.   Amber sold fruits and vegetables from her summer garden to earn money to buy new school clothes. She sold carrots for $0.77 a pound, cucumbers for $1.21 each, and tomatoes for $0.47 each. If she sold twenty-five pounds of carrots, fifty-five cucumbers and ninety-one tomatoes, how much money did she earn? (Note: Carrots are vegetables, but cucumbers and tomatoes are technically fruits, because they contain seeds.)

4.   Justin's Lemonade stand didn't do well this year. He spent $14.28 on supplies (lemons and paper cups). He paid his friend $13 to help him build his lemonade stand. He sold forty-five cups of lemonade for fifty-one cents each. What was his profit? (Did you have a summer job? Did you have to spend any money as a part of doing business? What was your profit?)

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6.   sample pre-made printable - click above to make a printable with all questions


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This is only a sample worksheet.