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Juliette Gordon Low
By Mary L. Bushong

1     Almost everyone knows what Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are. It was not that long ago that the idea for the groups was devised in England. The Boy Scout organization was adopted first in the United States, but soon Juliette Gordon Low decided girls should have the same opportunities. She started the first American Girl Scout troop in Savannah, Georgia.
2     Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon was born in Savannah, Georgia on October 31, 1860, right at the beginning of the Civil War. Her family was wealthy, and young "Daisy," as she was called by her family, was expected to be a "proper Southern Lady." She could not learn other skills in business or the sciences or arts.
3     As a child she developed an interest in writing and sketching. This was considered proper for a lady. She later became a skilled painter and sculptor. She loved animals, but especially loved dogs and birds. During her teen years, she first attended a boarding school in Virginia and then a French school in New York City. After graduation, she traveled all over Europe. Even with all of her money and talent, she was still restricted in her activities by what was acceptable for a woman with her position in society. Even as an adult, she was not allowed to do many things that men could.
4     When she was 26, Daisy married William Low, a wealthy Englishman who was living in Savannah. Soon after, they moved back to England, and she divided her time between her new home and the United States. Though she had met her social obligations of the time and married well, she was still not happy. She was sure there had to be more to do in life.

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