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Name _____________________________
Date ___________________


1.  The month of September starts on a Tuesday. What is the day of the week for the last day of September?
2.  April 12 is a Sunday. What day is April 16?
3.  Kylie writes one poem every Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturday. From Sunday, March 8 through Friday, March 13, how many poems will Kylie write?
4.  Three days before Tuesday is

__________________________ .
5.  Four days after Friday is

__________________________ .
6.  If today is Wednesday, what was the day before yesterday?
7.  How many days are there in three weeks?
8.  Nine days before Thursday is

__________________________ .
9.  May 22 is a Friday. What day is May 18?
10.  What is the name of the fourth day of the week?
11.  Eleven days after Saturday is

__________________________ .
12.  On Wednesday, Hailey made an appointment to see the dentist on Sunday. How many days from now will Hailey go to see the dentist?


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