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1.  Devin left seven cookies for Santa. On Christmas morning, three cookies were left. How many cookies did Santa eat?

2.  This year, Santa has eleven elves helping him. Last year, only seven elves helped. How many more elves does Santa have this year?

3.  Christopher's dad bought eleven candy canes. Christopher put three of them on the Christmas tree. How many candy canes were not put on the Christmas tree?

4.  Emily counted fourteen presents under the tree. Two are for mom and dad, five are for David, and the rest are for Emily. How many presents are for Emily?

5.  Students were invited to put ornaments on the school Christmas tree. Alyssa put four ornaments on the Christmas tree, Christopher put five ornaments on the Christmas tree, Christian put two ornaments on the Christmas tree, and Matthew put two ornaments on the Christmas tree. How many ornaments were put on the tree altogether?

6.  Robert and each of his five friends made snowmen. Everyone made their own snowman. Two days later, two of the snowmen had melted. How many snowmen are left?


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