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1.  Destiny mailed sixty Christmas cards, Lauren mailed twenty-three Christmas cards, Jacob mailed thirty-one Christmas cards, and Rebecca mailed thirty-two Christmas cards. How many more cards did Destiny and Lauren send out than Jacob and Rebecca altogether?

2.  Timothy was selling Christmas trees at the mall. He bought a total of eighty trees to sell during the Christmas season. There are only thirty-nine trees left. How many Christmas trees has Timothy sold?

3.  Eric has thirty-seven CDs. He hopes to get three from Santa and six from his brother. How many CDs will Eric have altogether after Christmas, if Santa and his brother give him the CDs?

4.  Noah made seventeen cookies yesterday. He made an additional twenty-two cookies today. How many cookies did he make in all?

5.  Santa left eleven presents for Brandon, five presents for Christopher, eight presents for Ethan, and ten presents for Emily. How many presents did the four children receive altogether?

6.  Jonathan put fifty lights on his Christmas tree. Kaitlyn put seventy lights on her Christmas tree. How many more lights are on Kaitlyn's Christmas tree?


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