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1.  Caleb gave the cashier $20 to buy two identical Christmas cards. There was no sales tax or any other charges. The cashier gave Caleb $17.08 back. How much did one card cost?

2.  Dylan wants to give all fifteen kids in his fifth grade class a new pen for Christmas. If he pays fifteen cents for each pen, how much will it cost him to buy one for every student?

3.  Jason bought Makayla a magazine subscription as a gift. Jason has to make two payments of $9.95 each to pay for the subscription. How much will Jason pay altogether for the subscription?

4.  Daniel had $57 to spend on gifts. He spent $10.51 on a gift for Isaac, $8.73 on a gift for Madison, and $8.47 on a gift for Abigail. How much money does Daniel have left?

5.  Jose bought four cards for $4 each. He put $20 in each of the cards, as a gift, and mailed them to each of his grandchildren. He used seventy cents worth of stamps to mail each card. How much did Jose spend altogether?

6.  Mackenzie's favorite on-line store is offering free shipping on orders of $150 or more. So far, Mackenzie has two CDs for $16 each and a video game for $43 in her shopping cart. How much more does Olivia need to add to her shopping cart to get free shipping?


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